a brief history

Focus. Ambition. Dogged perseverance. Deep love of life. Spend 5 minutes with Seattle born and bred artist Archie and you will feel these traits emanating off of her. Referred to as a polymath and underground popstar, she has spent the last couple of years honing her craft and preparing for the world stage, shedding the image of underground and showing she has the chops to make it with the best of them. Described as "deliriously cool, fiery, and dripping with raw, golden talent", she released her first EP "DEBUTANTE" in the summer of 2018 to mark her official entrance into the music world.

As a child she was incredibly shy, though uncontrollably creative (much to the frustration of her mother who would often come home to find the walls painted or the carpet cut out of the floors in portions of their rental house). She worked hard with what little she had to create a physical space for herself that was beautiful and calm amidst the chaos of her youth. This proved easier said than done so in high school and college she turned her focus to academics, fighting her creative urges in pursuit of a more stable life, and eventually graduated with a degree in economics.

Flash forward to two years after college, the compulsion to create could not be kept tamped down any longer. She quit her job to pursue music full time, and with great success, hitting several major milestones in her first 8 months on the scene (including her long held dream of playing Capitol Hill Block Party and having her song Help Me play on KEXP). 

Her recent EP, 613, was released to local acclaim, making a critic's choice list in the Seattle Times top albums of 2019. 

She is currently working on a new project to be released in summer 2020. Follow her on all social media platforms to stay up to date on the projects and get special sneak peeks, as well as behind the scenes footage. Expect much more music in 2020 and some unforgettable performances.